Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Everyone hates it when I do his hair.

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Where are the TV watching, preservative eating, unvacumed lives of my peeps?"

Queen of Mediocrity:

So here are representative samples of some the unfinished projects lying around my house at this very moment: (from Left to Right)
1) wall hanging I started way back when Jodi left/Abby moved in...still half-quilted and unbound.
2) quilt guild name tags... still in error and still incomplete.. note the make-do label
3) just one of MANY unhung, propped up, or still-boxed items awaiting their hanging...
4) yet uncovered kitchen windows... how long have we lived here?
5) the ever growing stacks of 2" squares.. my only hopes of ever making it big. just kidding, they're my oh-so novice attempt to be as accomplished as Abby
6) the other ever-growing stack of NAMES that need to go to the temple... and beneath it, the names that still need accounted for... these people are standing up there arms crossed, tapping their feet at me!
7) haha.. still haven't figured out what to do with all of James' toys, so they keep getting shoved under the chair that nobody sits in in our living room lol
8) and look, a perfectly cut, pressed, button-holed pillow sham just waiting its turn to be finished
9) more and more fabric sets for skirts, pillows, or quilts that are next to show up on this list.
Granted none of these things are done very well, or even DONE at all but they are all my INDULGENCES... lets not get into the things that I really SHOULD be finishing... like the laundry.
To quote Jodi:
So TAG!!!! I challenge all who read this plea, to put down their craft projects, and t-ball trophies---just for a few hours, and let me see the human side of your lives. I'm not asking for a video account of you losing your temper after one of your 45 sons pees in the garbage can. Maybe just a picture of an unmade bed, or a mole with hair growing out of it. Just listen to your hearts on this one post, and then get back to business as usual. ---Am I the only one who occasionally feels a little green with envy after a half-hour of blog surfing? I know, I've got a problem; I'm going to reform.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Tell me you don't LOVE this