Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wild Wild West

If you're planning on visiting the Cope's out west, prepare for a wild ride! This family moves at high velocities and leaves a trail of fun and laughter wherever they go. With Papa's blessing, James and I ventured out for a little vacation in the canyons.

James survived the first flight out of Cedar Rapids to Las Vegas like a champ! Unfortunately, his mama spent the whole ride with her face in a lovely little white BARF BAG. But the Hand of Mercy was on me as I soon discovered the BEST WOMAN IN the WORLD sitting next to me. She was an angel! In conversation I learned she had 7 kids and many grandkids and an enormous amount of neices and nephews, and that she was HAPPY to have the wonderful opportunity of helping me. Little did she know she had a puker on her hands! I think James may have made up for some of it because he was as cuddly and talkative as ever :) I did not get a single complaint out of him. We landed on time and the pilot helped me find the passenger pick up where Ben and Jodi were waiting. I thought there would've been more shananagans going on about the airport but there werent! Bummer I missed them?!

Driving through the canyons on the way to St George

... they were friends in the womb

We visited Zion National Park, the St George temple, Mountain Meadows Massacre, these honeycomb rocks campgrounds... saw lots of the sights just driving through the canyons... and spent an unusual amount of time hunting for SPIDERS!

We went crawdad fishing in a little stream a few minutes from their house!

... three tarantulas in one day YUK... you'll never catch me picking up one of those things...

We got to see Reid's 2nd ever soccer game!

It was a fun-filled adventure and we will DEFINATELY be back... next time we'll let papa come too!


abby o said...

aw man, I want to go spider hunting with the copes.

Todd, Brennan, and James Garrison said...

don't say that, Ben doesn't need ANYMORE encouragement in the spider-hunting department

Hartson family said...

I'm so jealous. It looks like you guys had a great time. You're little James is getting so big!