Wednesday, July 1, 2009




Miss J said...

Oh my goodness that first picture could almost pass for a Mason pic, just the face, the stare. Even the second pic LOL Such a cutie! He's looking so much older.

So... his birthday is coming up! Are you guys having a party? When? Any ideas on gifts? Are you getting him anything big that might need extra stuff with it (ok I know he's only turning one but thought I would ask. for instance my niece is getting a kitchen and we're getting some food/appliances for it). Give me the details!

Miss J said...

Totally understandable! We could get him a bridge, tunnel, or more train cars for his train table if you want. Does he have the wooden thomas set or the plastic one? We have a million toy stores here that sell the wooden ones, and then Target and Walmart that sell the plastic ones. (plus Dustin loves shopping for train table toys, that's all he ever wants to look at for Jadyn when we go to the toy stores here)

or if you don't want toys at all we can get a couple outfits or books or what not. movies? saving bonds?

The Copes said...

I'm finally seeing a little bit of Brennan peeking through.
Especially the bottom pic with the shades.